Phase 1 Contamination Risk Assessment/Desk Study

£850.00 + VAT

This is the report that conforms to the Phase 1 requirement of any contaminated land conditions attached to a development approval. Desktop Studies and Conceptual Site Models underpin everything we do to provide you with the solutions you need and those all-important site investigation (SI) reports we produce to ensure your project progresses On Time, On Budget and is Approved. Once one of our experienced and qualified engineers has seen your site first hand, during their initial site walkover their Desktop Study will include, but not limited to:

  • A search of historical mapping to identify any relevant information
  • Analysis of the geology of the area using BGS data
  • Previous land use both at the site and locally to identify any potential land contamination pathways
  • Analysis of the hydrogeology of the area to identify any potential flood risks.

We have been told that our Desktop Studies are slightly more expensive than others. There are good reasons. We take our time over each one to ensure we get all sources, determine all receptors and then critically analyse the pathways, so we can develop a proper Conceptual Site Model and then test it during the SI should that be necessary. Additional resources considered in the Desk Study may include historic trade directories and online resources, lidar and aerial imagery, council historic records (microfiche), local anecdotal/historical information and potentially additional local site visits. This way we ensure nothing is missed or left to chance, and is why the starting point must always be an initial site walkover. Our reports are designed to meet the requirements for planning condition discharge. We carry out all our Desktop Studies on a fixed fee basis with no hidden extras. Our motto is: ‘On-Time, On-Budget, Approved’. We will do everything required to live up to this. The report will be mainly contamination based with some geotechnical concerns highlighted. Should you wish to have a full geotechnical appraisal of the site prior to SI then please click here. Are you worried about ground conditions prior to purchasing a site? Or even at the planning stage? We also offer a £300 +VAT anticipated ground conditions sheet, which is a pre-cursor to the Desk Studies and SI. These highlight development risks, so you can focus on the bits which are of concern.

Areas over 1 hectare

For projects where the square meterage totals over 1 hectare, please contact our team directly to discuss your requirements in detail.

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