Geotechnical Specialist Services

The diverse experience, knowledge and qualifications of our engineering team enable us to provide you with an extensive range of specialist geotechnical services, which can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Ground Movement Assessments (GMA) and Burland Category Damage Assessment

When basements are excavated, the ground can move both horizontally and vertically away from the basement. Damage to nearby structures can occur due to differential ground movement causing stress across walls. We use XDisp software to analyse ground movement and its effect.

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Chalk Dissolution Risk Assessments

Dissolution features in chalk occur where surface water runoff, which is slightly acidic, has discharged into and dissolved the underlying rock, often providing inconsistency within the underlain geology, or subsidence causing structural damage to existing structures.

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Preliminary pile load proposals

Before any piled foundation scheme is adopted a preliminary pile load proposal should be completed. This report investigates the ground conditions underlying the site to provide preliminary information regarding the soil profile, indicative bearing capacities, required depth of piling and settlement/heave analysis.

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Slope stability assessment /Slip circle analysis

Ground & Water undertakes slope stability assessments using Geostru software. Slope profiles are modelled from a variety of data, including topographic surveys, elevation drawings, section drawings and site walkovers.

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Plate load testing and Modulus of Subgrade Reaction determination for slab design

These tests are in-situ verification tests of the ultimate bearing capacity of the soils and used for designing larger slab foundations where the behaviour of the foundation itself is presumed to act in a flexible manner when loaded.

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In-situ Shear Vane and Hand Penetrometer Testing

These tests use mobile hand-held devices that can be used within undisturbed cohesive soils to determine the soil’s undrained strength.

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Assessing reports of third parties

Where a company cannot provide a particular service, a client might require additional testing/reporting from a new company. This transition often requires the comprehension of previous works and understanding how to progress with a potential future report for the site.

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Whether you need help and advice, or just want to find out more about our extensive range of services; we’d really like to hear from you.

Geotechnical Case Studies

At Ground & Water, we are continually taking on new projects. Each has its own unique set of circumstances, requiring our engineering team to pool its skills and experience to deliver workable, sustainable and often holistic solutions, for our clients. Our case studies are examples of some recent challenges we have overcome.

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