Full Geotechnical and Contaminated Land Risk Assessment and Risk Register

£1,200.00 + VAT

Should you wish to get the best value in the ground then it is important that we research all the potential obstacles that may be in the way of achieving this. This may be associated with both contaminated land but also the geotechnics of the site (foundations/soaks).

This report not only focuses on the contamination side of your proposed development but also provides a full geotechnical risk register. Highlighting the problems that may be encountered in-ground and allowing the Site Investigation to focus on the information that matters.

Our motto is: ‘On-Time, On-Budget, Approved’. We will do everything required to live up to this.

Areas over 1 hectare

For projects where the square meterage totals over 1 hectare, please contact our team directly to discuss your requirements in detail.

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