Christmas.. A time for giving

21st December 2022

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First and foremost, to our clients…

ChristmasThank you for trusting us with your projects. We are honoured to work alongside you and with you. Secondly we know there are lots of great consultants out there, but what we can promise is that we are constantly looking to improve ourselves, our people, our services, so the product you get next time and the time after that, will always be better than what you had before. And finally we would like to wish everyone we work with and hope to work with in the future, the best of festive greetings and a prosperous and peaceful 2023.


2022… A few reflections

Although Ground & Water has grown year on year, since our conception 13 years ago, this year has seen more ups and downs than most. Perhaps it’s because we have reached our teenage years and the hormones have kicked in..!

However, with every experience there is an opportunity to develop and we think this is our main take home for 2022. One of the biggest realisations this year is that collaboration is the key to good design and sustainability. Although we have worked WITH engineers and technical teams before, we have realised that in order to get the best out of the ground, good questions need to be asked and assumptions tested. Additionally, we need to be honest enough to highlight risks and what can be done about them.

We have realised that you need to pick the right partners and Ground & Water wants to be just that.

We have also realised that Ground & Water needs to be a trusted provider of knowledge and advice. Yes, we want to talk about our people and what they do,  it’s exciting; but we realise that in order for you to trust us, we have to give something back to you.

This has already been shown through our commitment to visit technical tests and your teams of engineers, to talk about site investigation and how it affects them and the final ground investigation’s results and recommendations. Our newsletters and blogs will also be focused on providing you with useful info, so make sure you drop by here on a regular basis, throughout 2023.

We have also realised that you need to be rewarded for your faith, hence the introduction of our reward and referral schemes. And we know it takes a big leap of faith to change your consultant, hence the launch of our value builder scheme.

Some handy hints to help you have a more prosperous 2023

Our people make your difference

At Ground & Water we aren’t a team because we work alongside each other. We are a team because we care, trust and respect each other, while working towards our shared goal: to provide our clients with the very best service we can. We cannot do this without a team that feels trusted, included and inspired.

It’s important to us that we provide a friendly, team-orientated working environment; one that provides everyone the opportunity for development and growth – we believe this sets us apart from our competitors.

Both past and present, our team members have contributed to our continued success. We have big plans for our people in 2023 and we look forward to sharing our journey with you in the coming months.


We are here to help you get your projects across the line, on time and on budget. Whether your need is big or small, just give Ground & Water call. Merry Christmas!

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