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14th June 2021

Geoenvironmental • Geotechnical

Why us? In three minutes.

By Ground & Water Directors, Francis Williams and Dipalee Jukes.


Have you ever taken time to understand, why you choose to place your business with your preferred suppliers and service providers?

When we did; price, reliability, availability and credibility were identified as very valid reasons, which have influenced all of us in our business and personal buying decisions at some point. It is often said that customers buy from people they like. While we don’t usually buy from people we dislike, having a good feeling about, and a relationship with, the people we buy from, is a nice thing to have. More importantly, when we make a buying decision, we tend to view the supplying business in the way we view other people. We expect certain standards and look for shared values. Initially we build our relationships with people who display honesty and we have faith in.

trustSo following your analysis of what influences your buying decisions, did you reach the conclusion we arrived at?

We concluded that ultimately, people – and businesses – prefer to buy from people or organisations they TRUST.


Why trust?

Trust, can be defined by three words; values and standards. Values and standards underpin trust and trust is what our company is built on.

As directors we continually ask ourselves: “Why should anyone care about Ground & Water?” For Dipalee, a Hindu, it is about dharma. Dharma is the religious and moral law governing individual conduct and represents the aim of life. Her dharma is wholeheartedly embodied in everything Ground & Water does and represents. This means doing the right thing, working with integrity, living with humility and adding value to peoples’ lives. Dipalee’s why has parallels with Francis’. His son’s school motto is “be the best you can be”. He lives by this personally, Ground & Water continually strives to be the best it can be, and everyone working in the business, genuinely wants to become the best versions of themselves.

We’re sure you’re asking: “How does all this help us?” We will explain. [Two minutes left.]

As directors of Ground & Water we have a WHY, a VISION and a MISSION.

Our WHY is to create a happy, trusted and inspired work family so that together we can positively impact people’s lives and the environment. In this context, ‘people’ is you, our client.

Our VISION is to be a leading provider of contaminated land and geotechnical services that clients prefer and recommend, our team are proud of and regulators respect.

This is about developing trust. Proving you can trust us with your investment; ensuring regulators can trust that the report they have in front of them is top quality and that our team can trust that we, the directors, will fulfil their aims and objectives.

All this is achieved through our MISSION. Ground & Water’s mission is to create a space where people can work with integrity, harness their skills, strengths, experience and ideas, whilst living by our values and unlocking their full potential. This enables them to produce high end, great quality, valued and meaningful work, providing an outstanding service for you, our client.

Every part of our work is important, because we have chosen to work with integrity. Doing it the right way matters to us, as much as we know it matters to you. Our carefully curated work, our reports, represent: painstaking attention to detail, focused thought and critical analysis, to ensure we are providing the best possible service to our client.

Family values

We believe our mission is facilitated by one thing and one thing only: The creation of an inspiring and happy culture. Within this our team can enjoy work, excel and innovate. This directly benefits you, because you can trust our team and its output, in the same way you trust your own. We do this by nurturing and developing our team using our familial leadership style and working hard on making sure we are aligned in our vision, values, and goals. By giving our team the opportunity to succeed in an environment they can thrive in, they love what they do and work incredibly hard to ensure our clients are well looked after.

Placing your trust in us means we are in the canoe with you, caring about your needs and those of our team in equal measures. Everyone matters.

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