Rewarding our loyal clients

5th August 2022

It was big news last month when fast food giant McDonald’s launched a new loyalty scheme.

This is something that had previously discussed at Ground and Water – our own loyalty scheme, I mean, not hoping that McDonald’s would introduce one. Although food is definitely one of the most common topics of conversation in our office. But I digress.

The vast majority of our work is for repeat customers. We’re very proud of that, and very grateful to our team for providing a service which keeps clients coming back project after project, year after year. We can pat ourselves on the back for this, and regularly do – but we recognise that it’s probably about time those loyal clients get a little something back.

“But G&W,” we hear you cry “surely your thorough and cost-effective geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering consultancy services are thanks enough?” That’s a lovely thing for you to say, even if it was delivered in a slightly unnatural and forced way.

A top-notch service is something we see as the minimum you should expect – we’re pleased to be in a position to start throwing out some bonus perks to those who keep coming back. Before you get too excited, it’s nothing particularly fancy – no amount of stamps on your loyalty card will get you a Rolex or a weekend in Paris. We’re just talking about small tokens of our appreciation to you; the companies (and the people within them) that we work with the most.

We’ve not finalised what will be on offer but some suggestions being talked about include a breakfast for your team, a plant for your office, and discounts on every fifth job instructed. Do you have any requests? We obviously want to ensure we’re giving you stuff you actually want!

Keep an eye out for an upcoming referrals reward scheme, too – we love that a lot of our clients regularly recommend us to others, and those people need to be thanked as well! Keep your eyes peeled, it will all be coming your way soon.

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