Problems with Piles?

6th December 2019


Helping you to preserve our architectural heritage

Our Challenge

Ground & Water was approached by a client, who was concerned about the potential impact of piling on a listed boundary wall. Due to the proximity of the proposed piles, the reduced level dig being undertaken on one side of the wall and the shallow nature of the historic wall’s footings, it was necessary to evaluate different piling techniques and their potential impact.

The Ground & Water Approach

Ground & Water aligned with strategic partners and provided a risk assessment and ideas on mitigations. Overall, eight different options were discussed. These included: Ground improvement by grouting at low pressure, soil mixed columns, construction of canopy column bases, short trench sheet with long prop from constructed beams, open excavation, CFA bored piles and silent sheet piles.


The Outcome

Following a number of conference calls, the client was able to determine an order of preference, cost and move forward with the project.

An Express Pile Mat Design Saves £s in unnecessary spot hire fees.

Ground & Water had to leap into action at short notice and deliver a quick turnaround to prevent a client’s project from stalling and running up additional cost.

Our challenge

The developer was proposing a piled foundation scheme in north-west London. They had booked a piling rig, but as often happens, they did not have a Pile Mat design. The clock was ticking.

Ground & Water was contacted by the client to undertake plate load testing and pile mat design for a proposed piled foundation scheme.

Our solution

Utilising strategic partners, Ground & Water worked over a weekend. The plate loading tests were arranged at very short notice. Carried out on the Saturday, the results were sent through the next day. Further liaison with strategic partners allowed for the finalised Pile Mat designs in accordance with BRE470 RE2316 010 and RE2316 des 020, to be sent to the client two days later on the Tuesday.

The outcome

This extremely quick turnaround and the flexibility of the strategic partners avoided an expensive delay to the piling operation and allowed the contractor to keep its build on track.

Thanks to the willingness of team of engineers at Ground & Water we have the flexibility to deliver positive outcomes for you at very short notice.

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